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RJ Urmin

Hrithik Roshan, chocolate cakes and road side...

RJ Urmin

Hrithik Roshan, chocolate cakes and road side chaat !! RJ Urmin's favourites


Picture Pandey with RJ Anuraag Pandey
11am - 2pm

by RJ Anuraag Pandey

  • zodiac signI started living life on my own terms even before
  • my personality typeNothing in my life is complete without drama ( OuiMaa!!) .Nautanki being my middle name I am a strong headed woman who loves life.
  • my RJing styleWhen I am behind the mic- its like an involuntary movement, my Mouth just speaks what my heart thinks!
  • i Like the smell ofJab Mumbai se duur hotey hai tab pata chalta hai!!!
  • my stress busterAn Amit Trivedi Song can do wonders when I have lost hope.
  • music for me islike Heartbeats are for a soul ! It never stops, Changes according to your emotions ( kabhi Fast toh kabhi slow), and always keeps you living.

My Favourite

  • getawayNothing gives me more happiness than being on my Building terraceā€¦. Where I can see my City at a glance and feel it in my pulse
  • moviesThe movies which compel me to remember its dialogues, become my favorite!
  • actorsRanbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Milind Soman . . Oh wait these are Men I would want to marry. . But Priyanka Chopra is one such Versatile actor I have immense respect for!!
  • my biggest sinNothing is a sin, its only that- life chooses a harder way to teach you...
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